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Apply what u read with your hypertext! (class-notes)
26 Noviembre 2008, 0:46 am
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Post-structuralism and Deconstruction (synonimous)- it is a reaction of structuralism and works against seeing language as stable, as a closed system (language as self-contained).

-The western ideal- the word (logo) into the centre of our beens=logocentrism: at the begginning  was the word, nothing existed before the word.

Deconstruction- (as Derridas meant) decentring the text, interpreting the text from different points of view. What we are going to change is the way of looking at the reality, where the logo, the word, is not necessarly the center. We want to expand our knowledge, and we look at the text from different points of view/perspectives. You can read the narrative as you like.

Decentring: multiple perspectives. All texts are correct or incorrect, depending on who’s  reading them.

The author does not create the text- the text is created by reading it.

Anything goes- every opinion is valid. One person’s opinion is as valid as the author or anyoneelse’s opinion. With deconstructition there’s people who may know more about the text than the author himself. Deconstructing the novel= getting yourself in a position that you can read the text from many different points of view.

We are stablishing the difference between one word and another

Dialog with the text!


This ideas where from today’s metodos class. Deconstruction and Post-strcuturalism have a lot to do with the Second Paper, as we are going to have that dialog with the text, analysing it, and giving our opinion about the structura, the text, the logos- no closed system: as we’ll have to give hypothesis about the text, seing it from different points of view, text is not goint to be stable at all.

And none of our analyses will be objective.

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