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26 Noviembre 2008, 3:00 am
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Working with my computer and an internet connection sometimes is a problem for me. Like tonight. I was trying to focus and re-read the hypertext, but, suddenly a friend of mine sent to me a video from youtube, and suddenly i couldn’t stop watching videos. I’ve been laughing like an hour. I know that is not what I was suposed to do right now, and now I feel I should share those videos with you! So, this is a new section of my blog (hahaha). Btw, it is good having a break and laughing a little bit after a hard day of work!, and, this is a hypertext, isn’t it? links, pictures…videos!

(this is the “chain” of videos I’ve been watching a few minutes ago)

(I think I’ll become a subscriber of this Ellen’s fans club or something, haha)

And to finish with this SO MUCH academic post, I’ll add a video from my favourite youtube show “Will it blend?” with the great host Tom Dickson! this time blending an Iphone…will it blend??