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28 Noviembre 2008, 0:21 am
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Yesterday I got an e-mail from Steven D. Krause with some interesting things, so I though I should share them here with you all.

“…my apologies for not getting back to you on the stuff about hypetexts. I think you are right that a lot of what was there isn’t anymore, though it looks to me (judging from your blog, at least) that you’ve found some to talk about. There’s a some kind of interesting things going on that are more “multimedia” than they are hypertextual, if you get my sense there.

I know he isn’t saying that much here, but this words made me think. I told Steven in my e-mail that most of the hypertexts were disappearing, and also I was wondering to myself what was going on with hypertextual literature, as it was hard to find recently published literary hypertexts. As here is saying Steven, they are going more multimedia now, so that could be the reason why. Maybe, instead of looking ffor “literary hypertexts” or “hypertextual narrative” I should use another term. Maybe it all has developed into something else, I mean: they are not so much textual right now; or maybe they have been integrated with the web.

The  “hypertexts” we are seeing in class are a new literary form, a new way of art; but as the tool is computers and internet, it is soooo much easy for them to develop into something new.

Right now, from my point of view we can find literary hypertexts everywhere, maybe not with the form we’ve been knowing them until now. As happens with the hypertexts we already know, anyone could be a writer, an artist, because the tool and the internet is accesible to almost everyone. And what’s happening now is that, artists are developing a lot of new tools. For example, you can go to twitter and there are writers who are writing a sort of story, a hypertext, using that specific tool. Of course, anyone can be a writer; but I’m not going to deal with that now. What I’m talking about is the new wave of artists, whoms main tool right now is Internet, and Internet evironments. For instance, I have a friend who’s an artist (Jose Manuel Hortelano), and his main tool is Internet. He’s a painter and he draws in paper, then scans his pictures, and manipulates them (or not) with the computer, and then he leaves them there in the internet, in places like devianart, fotolog,etc. and gives the original picture to whoever wants it. He’s main tool is internet, and that’s why he’s starting to get famous right now. Because, Internet is nowadays the most powerful tool, no matter what the  subject is: arts, politics,..

In add to all of these things I’m saying, I found a link in Steven’s blog called New Study Shows Time Spent Online Important for Teen Development. After reading it, I find it really hard not thinking that Internet is the future. Well, in fact, for me Internet is the present time, that era has already come for some people like me, and people like Steven Krause and like Vicente Fores, who try to apply these new technologies (some of then not so new) to the academic system.

Steven also gave me a link to a very interesting web page; it is from Stuart Moulthrop, and there I found a very interesting essay (and easy reading) which is helpful with what I’m saying here. It is called After the Last Generation: Rethinking Scholarship in the Days of Serious Play :

“This paper picks up on speculations about likely changes in the nature and structure of higher education under the influence of video games and other forms of cybertext. It looks specifically at changes in the primary mode of academic production, arguing that significant space needs to be made for practical engagement alongside theory and criticism. A new genre of formal academic work is proposed, called the intervention, a serious work of application intended to contribute to pragmatics as well as abstract understanding.”

The intervention, a new term for me.

Please, let’s go to the era of Intervention !!!!!

*This is an aweful way of ending, I know, but, I think after that essay I’ve ended up with, there’s nothing more for me to say. I recommend you to read it, of course.