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Things to add!
19 Diciembre 2008, 14:06 pm
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Travis sent to me some screenshots. Those are from screens we’re not able to see because those Flora’s destinations doesn’t appear in the navigation map. So this is a new and cool thing to add to my work!. Well, I know I had to work about the tools of the hypertext, and these new screenshots are not in the version avaliable online right now, so they are no relevant in the sense that they are not going to helps us understand the hypertext better or anything like that. But, this is an “extra-shot”; this could be useful for people interested in knowing more about this “who is flora?” project.
And, the truth is that, when I finished my work about this hypertext, I though It could have been great if there had been more Flora’s destinations, so right now I’m kind of excited! there are more!
Thanks Travis!

GLAD is the word!
17 Diciembre 2008, 20:40 pm
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I’ve just got an e-mail from Travis Alber…it seems that she’s read my secondpaper and my blog!! ahhhh!!!
And now I wonder if I could add this email to my secondpaper..mmmmmmmm
Thanks to Travis! :__)
“Hi Ana,

I’m glad to hear you like Who Is Flora! I read your blog and your
second paper – I think it is a great evaluation of the project!

It was hard to choose which postcards to use in Who Is Flora – I had a
huge stack of them. Also, the web version is distilled down from a
larger Macromedia Director project. Macromedia Director was a
precursor to Flash and was used mainly for CDs; after working on it
for a while I switched to Flash so it would be more streamlined and
accessible (and in doing so shortened the project). I’ll send over a
few screenshots of portions you haven’t seen (without the

You do a wonderful job explaining the elements: the main screens, the
“right screens,” etc. It’s a complex construction but I am pleased to
hear that you always knew where you were and what rules applied to
each step in the process. I think the most interesting thing about the
Who Is Flora? project is the structure. The fact that it builds itself
as the user reads through the story gives it a linear feel, but the
interactive elements and “right screens” keep it far from being a
linear project. It was important to me to use as much “digital space”
as I could. This project was started in 1999, so it’s almost ten years
old, and I’m glad it has stood the test of time.

Best of Luck,
Travis “

Second Paper is over
12 Diciembre 2008, 3:02 am
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I’ve done the worst tests ever…I was so nervous..and 100 questions about so many texts…that was too much..I read the texts but I haven’t had the time enought tu study them all..arggggh

Well, I’m angry about that; but, the good part is that my web page is finished, and I like it. It could have been better…but that’s it.


2nd Part:Reading the Hypertext-Rules & Tools(Second Paper)
10 Diciembre 2008, 3:58 am
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(under construction)

Just in case, more clues
10 Diciembre 2008, 3:25 am
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I’m gonna write down some of the ideas of today’s class, because they may be useful for my Second Paper. I’m quite nervous because tomorrow is the last day I have to finish it all. And I’m worried about the tests, because, as I have 2 subjects, i had a lot of texts to read, apart from all the texts I’ve been reading related to my second paper. That’s a lot of work, and I’m afraid is not going to be reflected in 100 questions… That’s too much. Well, I’ll try to do my best.

Here are some ideas from today’s class:

Concept: Reading Spaces

-What’s the reading model of the hypertext?

– What model are you going to follow? The author’s one? your own model?

In my hypertext, there are no links in the text: the text is a linear narrative, BUT, the links are outside the text.

– Parts of my second paper: CONCLUSION!, Reading Path

-How many pages are there? How many options are in each page?

-How do you move forward and backward the hypertext? in who is flora? for example, you don’t need to use the explorer to move inside it; all the pages are connected and you can move easily inside the hypertext.

– Dialog with the text: how do you talk with the author? how do you talk with the text? You can’t have an hypithesis without reading the text. Who’s Flora? who’s the narrator?

– What does the structure means in the story? we have to interact with the text in order to understand the story: characters, narrative,..

– Is this reading model an interesting way to narrate the story? ( in “Conclusion”: did you like the text?)

– Interpretation of the text.

– Look for reviews of the hypertext on the internet.

Diagram of My Second Paper
8 Diciembre 2008, 19:40 pm
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Left click to full view


As you can see in this diagram, there are two different line’s colors. That’s because the structure is not going to be “linear”. As I wanted my web page to have similarities with the hypertext I’m working about, my index.html page will have: an index of the “grey” points, and then at the end of the web page, in the right side there will be an image that will take you to the other points, which are aspects from my website, not from “who’s Flora?”‘s hypertext, such as the structure of my webpage,  my personal opinion about this subject, etc.

And where’s is the similarity between the hypertext and this structure?, well, as the author sais in the About this project-screen, “To the right of some Flora’s “screens” have added my own thoughts– my refections on travel and time, in response to Flora.” ; I’m adding my own website analysis and my personal opinion about things not related  directly with the hypertext.

Structure of my hypertext (Second Paper)
8 Diciembre 2008, 16:19 pm
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Here I’m going to make a draft of the structure of my hypertex (my website of the secondpaper). The title of it will be

Who Is Flora.net: An Interactive Postcard Narrative

and it is going  to have several parts:

Who is Travis Alber?

– About “Who is Flora?”

– Tools used in “Who is Flora?”

– Structure of “Who is Flora?”

– Personal Opinion

And in another part of my website there will be other points like:

– Tools used in this hypertext

– Structure of this hypertext

– Personal opinion

– Links (a list of links of texts I used and that helped me to do this second paper)

– My blog

I’ll use all the the ideas I’ve been compiling in this blog, and so there will be always a link to this blog in all of the parts of my website.

About the design, I’ll use some pics from “Who is Flora”, maybe for the background. And also I’ll try to put some music on it. I downloaded a lot of good jazz from the 40’s.

So this is just a draft. I’m going to start making the website tonight. I have a lot of work…

More info about the author (Second Paper)
8 Diciembre 2008, 15:59 pm
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Here’s some info from Travis website :

Travis Alber has 10 years of experience online; she’s worked in web design, advertising, online training and education and has a masters degree in interactive multimedia. Professionally she works as a creative director and client liason, often managing the creative team and, when needed, stepping in as project manager. Her client history includes: Cisco, Sprint, Playstation, Wells Fargo, Macys, Midway Games and Dodge. Travis also works independently as a digital artist in Los Angeles, California. Her work focuses on finding a sense of place, narrative form, motion and interface experimentation, and many of her projects are built around interactive narratives. Time is a central theme throughout her work. Some of her creative projects are listed below.

30DaysOfRain.com (2005)—This online project is composed of 30 animated haiku that reflect on memories and the feelings that San Francisco can invoke. It illustrates a creative approach to storytelling (in form, navigation, and storyline). “Thirty Days of Rain” was selected for online publication in Drunken Boat.

Telequitter.com (2005)—This facetious interactive project hijacks the e-card format and takes it out of context, for use in serious situations (i.e. quitting). It’s comprised of a MySql database that allows users to send “fill in the blank” ecards to each other, with a personal note attached. It’s an unorthodox approach to communication. Telequitter reexamines our use of communication formats and the distance (from real life) that our online lifestyles can impose.

Sabraceramics.com (2006)—The goal of Sabraceramics is to replicate a sophisticated gallery experience while allowing the artwork to capture the design. The backend uses a Php/MySql solution to tie an admin to both the HTML and Flash sites simultaneously. The fades, loaders and image sizes present a sophicated environment, much like one would find in a physical gallery.

And here some more info:

Travis Alber has been conjuring creative projects out of the ether for 12 years. She has a master’s degree in Interactive Multimedia from Southern Illinois University, and has shown her work in association with Drunken Boat, Flash Forward, Rhizome, the Electronic Literature Organization, One Club Interactive, the Contagious Media Showdown, and Communication Arts, among others. When not working on her creative projects (or rambling on about the ones she hasn’t yet created but can’t stop thinking about), Travis focuses on her personal quest for new reading experiences, embodied by her latest effort, www.BookGlutton.com, an ebook reader and website focused on collaborative reading environments.

Travis’s interactive work focuses on finding a sense of place, narrative form, motion and interface experimentation. Time is a central theme throughout her work.

Some of her other projects include:

Thirty Days of Rain: An Interactive Haiku Series about San Francisco

Who Is Flora.net: An Interactive Postcard Narrative

Telequitter.com: A Tongue-in-Cheek E-Card Site for “Quitters”

BookGlutton.com: A Social Reading Website

ThisIsTravis.com: Her Personal Website

( from: http://www.cddc.vt.edu/journals/newriver/08Spring/alber/alberbio.html )

Structure of “Who is Flora?” (Second Paper)
8 Diciembre 2008, 15:49 pm
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  3. MAIN-SCREEN 1 (Michigan) + RIGHT-SCREEN
  5. MAIN-SCREEN 3 (New Jersey)
  6. MAIN-SCREEN 4 (Arkansas)
  7. MAIN-SCREEN 5 (West Texas) + RIGHT-SCREEN
  8. Sub-screen “About this Project” (connected to all of the main-screens and right-screens)

Structure (Second Paper)
8 Diciembre 2008, 5:23 am
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I’m back, after some dazing days. I wasn’t able to feed my blog because of some personal reasons.

I’m going to talk about the structure of the hypertext. I’ve made a kind of diagram of the whole hypertext (left click to see it entire) :