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GLAD is the word!
17 Diciembre 2008, 20:40 pm
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I’ve just got an e-mail from Travis Alber…it seems that she’s read my secondpaper and my blog!! ahhhh!!!
And now I wonder if I could add this email to my secondpaper..mmmmmmmm
Thanks to Travis! :__)
“Hi Ana,

I’m glad to hear you like Who Is Flora! I read your blog and your
second paper – I think it is a great evaluation of the project!

It was hard to choose which postcards to use in Who Is Flora – I had a
huge stack of them. Also, the web version is distilled down from a
larger Macromedia Director project. Macromedia Director was a
precursor to Flash and was used mainly for CDs; after working on it
for a while I switched to Flash so it would be more streamlined and
accessible (and in doing so shortened the project). I’ll send over a
few screenshots of portions you haven’t seen (without the

You do a wonderful job explaining the elements: the main screens, the
“right screens,” etc. It’s a complex construction but I am pleased to
hear that you always knew where you were and what rules applied to
each step in the process. I think the most interesting thing about the
Who Is Flora? project is the structure. The fact that it builds itself
as the user reads through the story gives it a linear feel, but the
interactive elements and “right screens” keep it far from being a
linear project. It was important to me to use as much “digital space”
as I could. This project was started in 1999, so it’s almost ten years
old, and I’m glad it has stood the test of time.

Best of Luck,
Travis “

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Hi my friend! glad for you, it’s wonderful that Travis wrote you an e-mail, I understand your joy, Narrative as a subject has been hard but comforting and I’m sure we’ll have our reward.
By the way, thanks for your help with the photo.

   acuenmon 12.20.08 @ 21:30 pm

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