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music! ( Second Paper)
25 Noviembre 2008, 3:02 am
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As one of the tools the author uses is music, I’m thinking about adding some music to my second paper. As Fores said it had to have some elements from the hypertext, that’s gonna be one of them. And, I’ve been looking for some american music from the 40’s. First, in google, with the keyword: “american music 40’s” I’ve found this site:  http://kclibrary.lonestar.edu/decade40.html about American History and has a Music section. I’ve been visiting some pages there appear from some artists of the 40’s, and also I’ve learnt a little bit about the music scene of that time. But, as the thing I want is a file, an mp3, or even a midi from a song, I’ve opened my Soulseek, and I’ve searched for the keyword: 1940. I’ve found a lot of albums from that time. Now I just have to wait for them to download, and then I’ll listen to the songs to decide which feets better in my site.

By the way, Soulseek is a free sharing aplication, where you can share your files and take others people files. From user to user. It is a lovely tool for dowloading music. I would love to say I buy music, but, that won’t be honest. I’m also a musician, and I share my music for free on the internet, because I think that’s the future.  I could buy the mp3’s on itunes or some place like that, but, why ? If I can get them for free..

Well, what I think is the future is this idea from the Last.fm group, which has just started working. Have a look at it, it is very interesting from my point of view.

25 Noviembre 2008, 1:58 am
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First of all, i’ve got to say I really like the Hypertext I’ve choosen.

Who is Flora?” from Travis Alber.

The first time I saw it I was like: ok this is it!The hyoertext I was looking for. It starts with a kind of presentation with some good old music , (made up with Flash, I guess). “Who was Flora?, Where she did she travel in 1942?“. That catched my eye completely, and made me really wanna read that introduction next to a picture of who it seemed to be that misterious Flora.

I read a little bit about the making of Who is Flora, and found out it is a “true” story. As it says in the introduction, Flora died in 1998, and the author found a box of postcards sent by Flora when she was exploring the United States in the 40’s. So, this Flora really existed, and this hypertext seems to be a recopilation, or a reconstruction of Flora’s trip by the postcards she sent while she was exploring the united statets by herself. Let me say that this is beatiful, and, I gotta send an email to the author to let her know how much I like her idea.

But the good thing about this hypertext is not only the idea, that awesome initiative of the author of making a literary hypertext with a pile of old postcards sent by a woman who was dead, and she didn’t even know her; it is also awesome the way she “makes” this story virtual. Because, if the introduction was amazing and eye-catching, wait to see the hypertext itself. The way the author builds up the story with all those postcards, and the tools she uses, are just perfect.

He sort of transports you to the places where Flora went during her trip.

Feed your blog!
23 Noviembre 2008, 3:31 am
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I’m back! after all of these days without writing a thing here. I gotta start working on my Second paper for Narrativa and Métodos.

I’ve added a new gadgetr to my blog that I discovered the other day. It is a tool to see who’s visiting my blog and where is that visitor from. It is nothing but curiosity, that’s all it is for.

So, my next post will be about work, and work. I gotta say I’m very happy about the hypertext I’ve choosen for my Secondpaper.

Author: Travis Alber, ” Who is Flora?

The aspect I’m going to work about is TOOLS. This hypertext uses a lot of tools, so I better start soon working on it!

Have a nice weekend to everyone!

(I’m not sure anyone is gonna read this, but just in case)