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Just in case, more clues
10 Diciembre 2008, 3:25 am
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I’m gonna write down some of the ideas of today’s class, because they may be useful for my Second Paper. I’m quite nervous because tomorrow is the last day I have to finish it all. And I’m worried about the tests, because, as I have 2 subjects, i had a lot of texts to read, apart from all the texts I’ve been reading related to my second paper. That’s a lot of work, and I’m afraid is not going to be reflected in 100 questions… That’s too much. Well, I’ll try to do my best.

Here are some ideas from today’s class:

Concept: Reading Spaces

-What’s the reading model of the hypertext?

– What model are you going to follow? The author’s one? your own model?

In my hypertext, there are no links in the text: the text is a linear narrative, BUT, the links are outside the text.

– Parts of my second paper: CONCLUSION!, Reading Path

-How many pages are there? How many options are in each page?

-How do you move forward and backward the hypertext? in who is flora? for example, you don’t need to use the explorer to move inside it; all the pages are connected and you can move easily inside the hypertext.

– Dialog with the text: how do you talk with the author? how do you talk with the text? You can’t have an hypithesis without reading the text. Who’s Flora? who’s the narrator?

– What does the structure means in the story? we have to interact with the text in order to understand the story: characters, narrative,..

– Is this reading model an interesting way to narrate the story? ( in “Conclusion”: did you like the text?)

– Interpretation of the text.

– Look for reviews of the hypertext on the internet.

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