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8 Diciembre 2008, 15:59 pm
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Here’s some info from Travis website :

Travis Alber has 10 years of experience online; she’s worked in web design, advertising, online training and education and has a masters degree in interactive multimedia. Professionally she works as a creative director and client liason, often managing the creative team and, when needed, stepping in as project manager. Her client history includes: Cisco, Sprint, Playstation, Wells Fargo, Macys, Midway Games and Dodge. Travis also works independently as a digital artist in Los Angeles, California. Her work focuses on finding a sense of place, narrative form, motion and interface experimentation, and many of her projects are built around interactive narratives. Time is a central theme throughout her work. Some of her creative projects are listed below.

30DaysOfRain.com (2005)—This online project is composed of 30 animated haiku that reflect on memories and the feelings that San Francisco can invoke. It illustrates a creative approach to storytelling (in form, navigation, and storyline). “Thirty Days of Rain” was selected for online publication in Drunken Boat.

Telequitter.com (2005)—This facetious interactive project hijacks the e-card format and takes it out of context, for use in serious situations (i.e. quitting). It’s comprised of a MySql database that allows users to send “fill in the blank” ecards to each other, with a personal note attached. It’s an unorthodox approach to communication. Telequitter reexamines our use of communication formats and the distance (from real life) that our online lifestyles can impose.

Sabraceramics.com (2006)—The goal of Sabraceramics is to replicate a sophisticated gallery experience while allowing the artwork to capture the design. The backend uses a Php/MySql solution to tie an admin to both the HTML and Flash sites simultaneously. The fades, loaders and image sizes present a sophicated environment, much like one would find in a physical gallery.

And here some more info:

Travis Alber has been conjuring creative projects out of the ether for 12 years. She has a master’s degree in Interactive Multimedia from Southern Illinois University, and has shown her work in association with Drunken Boat, Flash Forward, Rhizome, the Electronic Literature Organization, One Club Interactive, the Contagious Media Showdown, and Communication Arts, among others. When not working on her creative projects (or rambling on about the ones she hasn’t yet created but can’t stop thinking about), Travis focuses on her personal quest for new reading experiences, embodied by her latest effort, www.BookGlutton.com, an ebook reader and website focused on collaborative reading environments.

Travis’s interactive work focuses on finding a sense of place, narrative form, motion and interface experimentation. Time is a central theme throughout her work.

Some of her other projects include:

Thirty Days of Rain: An Interactive Haiku Series about San Francisco

Who Is Flora.net: An Interactive Postcard Narrative

Telequitter.com: A Tongue-in-Cheek E-Card Site for “Quitters”

BookGlutton.com: A Social Reading Website

ThisIsTravis.com: Her Personal Website

( from: http://www.cddc.vt.edu/journals/newriver/08Spring/alber/alberbio.html )

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