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Theory to add (Second Paper)
28 Noviembre 2008, 3:18 am
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As I was doing my Inventory today, with all of those terms which I sortly made up about the types of screens, the types of images… suddenly today in Métodos class we saw the Deena LArsen text called “A Plea for Connections. Links Convey Meaning”.

Deena has her own theory to classify Links and that gave me a new perspective. Something to add to my inventory. The truth is that I’ve realized with this text that I was forgetting to mention one of the main tools. And the reason why was (and now I know it!) because most of the Links from whoisflora’s hypertext are invisible!.

I’ve talked about links, but only as a part of images, and that shouldn’t be like that, because images are a part of those Links. It is curious, after so much classes listening about links, and I was focusing more in aspects like kinds of images, kinds of music.. Well, of curse, I’m gonna focus in all of those aspects, but links have to have their protagonism, as they are the main tool of the hypertext.

As we saw today in class, and from the point of view of Deena, there are 2 kinds of Links:

  • Visible Links
  • Invisible Links (more intuitive, such as the ones integrated in images)

And there are 7 types of Links depending on the purpose of them, or their function in the text:

  • Denotative Links (common type in enciclopedias)
  • Connotative Links: you provide the place in which that part of the text is included.
  • Similar links/Repetitive Links: the link goes to a similar node or a continuation of the same theme.
  • Oposition or contradiction: the link goes to a node that contradicts or opposes the original text.
  • Descriptive: the link goes to a further description or explanation of the linked word/original text.
  • Advertisements: the link goes to a site that sells that particular item (commercial websites)
  • Political: the peace hopes to provoke a reaction in the reader and provides a link

Way of marking Links: how the Links will be seen and how much emphasis the reader will place in these links. (I’ll use this in my secondpaper too).

But also I’m thinking about applying all of this information with my own hypertext, not just with the Whoisflora?’s one. What tools am I gonna use in mine?

I think I’ll add a brief inventory about that.

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