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26 Noviembre 2008, 3:00 am
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Working with my computer and an internet connection sometimes is a problem for me. Like tonight. I was trying to focus and re-read the hypertext, but, suddenly a friend of mine sent to me a video from youtube, and suddenly i couldn’t stop watching videos. I’ve been laughing like an hour. I know that is not what I was suposed to do right now, and now I feel I should share those videos with you! So, this is a new section of my blog (hahaha). Btw, it is good having a break and laughing a little bit after a hard day of work!, and, this is a hypertext, isn’t it? links, pictures…videos!

(this is the “chain” of videos I’ve been watching a few minutes ago)

(I think I’ll become a subscriber of this Ellen’s fans club or something, haha)

And to finish with this SO MUCH academic post, I’ll add a video from my favourite youtube show “Will it blend?” with the great host Tom Dickson! this time blending an Iphone…will it blend??

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ahora!!! por fin !! acabo de leer tus comentarioss, mira que yo tambien divago y no encuentro ya ni donde estoy…me voy a dormir..mañana te cotillearé yo a ti…gracias por todo…bona nit!!!

   inpemon 11.26.08 @ 3:32 am

The greatest danger is not that you get distracted or loose your mind in the attempt to be organized and systematic, the greatest danger is to be on your own or in a limited dialogue only with someone you know. But with the web 2.0 tools what may happen (potential danger) is that someone you do not know enters your private space and starts commenting. As you see this is one example of that.
I am enjoying very much your creative and very constructive dialogue with inpemon and it would be wonderful if this could be extended to more students of your class. Please continue your good work and if I may suggest a little improvement to your blog and web page, have someone look at your English to avoid mistakes and Spanglish syntax, but on the other hand everybody knows we are not native English speakers and I love to see how you practice your writing and become better and better the more you write. So there you are another Sunday morning incoherence and contradictory suggestion by your paradoxical hypertextual professor.


Dr. Forés

   fores 12.08.08 @ 12:42 pm

I’ve seen it, and I’m so glad! Thank you!!. I’ve been working quite hard doing this blog, and it is great you finally read it. I have to say that the day you told me it had to be in English I was a little bit scared because I thought that it would be a problem, but the truth is that, not olny it hasn’t been a problem for me to communicate what I wanted, it also has become a great way of practicing my english. I’ve been doing more writing here than in English III subject!. Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it.

   belvia 12.08.08 @ 14:06 pm

hello my dear!!! How long!!! how are you getting on with your text? I ve been lloking to mine, and arrrgh!!! get confused!! too many ideas to put them in words. I wrote to Sonya Rapopport, the author of the text I’m dealing with, and now, I dont know what to ask her, ahahahhaa…how are you anyway? I have a few things to ask you if you have time…

   inpemon 12.08.08 @ 15:11 pm

Hello inpemon! I’m fine! Tomorrow I’ll take my computer with me to class and so you can ask me whatever you want.
See you tomorrow! n.n

   belvia 12.08.08 @ 15:15 pm

see you tomorrow then..x

   inpemon 12.08.08 @ 15:34 pm

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