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05 – John Ruskin(Narrativa) – (FirstPaper)
4 Noviembre 2008, 4:00 am
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As I’m finishing my FirstPaper of narrativa, I’m realizing that  all of the work  I’ve done searching for info about John Ruskin  is not showed on my web site. I mean, I found like 20 pages (well, maybe less, I always exaggerate with numbers) and from all those pages, only 2 or 3 were worthy. The rest of the pages were just using the same info as the Wikipedia. And of course,there were like a hundred more where you had to pay for the info.

Another point is that, I said I was going to work about 3 different aspects of John Ruskin, and I’ve finally ruled out the Articles wirtten by the author’s one because there are no articles at all.  All that he has is books; books with critiques about a lot of things, but no articles at all. And that’s another point: I’ve been looking for articles, and as I couldn’t find any I had to leave it blank on the web page. And after doing that i write in “Auto-evaluation” an A” ! .. Well, yes, I think I deserve that “A”, but the teacher and the rest of the class is gonna say: hey , where are those articles at??.

What I mean with all of this is that, this blog is finally becoming the most important tool of the subject. Where is the teacher going to see all of the work I’ve been doing all of these days? Aha!

So, my firstpaper is going to be like this: the works of John Ruskin (just the good pages) in english and spanish; no articles; the translations ; and I’ll add a new aspect: pictures!, where I’ll add all of the pictures I found of John Ruskin, mainly on Google images, with links to the pages from where I got them.

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