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(extra text)Sexing the machine-Three digital women debate gender, technology and the Net
28 Octubre 2008, 20:25 pm
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Three digital women debate
gender, technology and the Net

After reading , my favourite opinion from this debate is Ellen Ullman‘s one.


Ellen Ullman seems to have it all clear: with computers there’s not a matter of gender. As she sais (I really like this point): “a computer program has one and only one meaning: It works, more or less” . It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man; if you have a sane live, with friends and acquaintances, it is quite normal if you don’t feel attracted to the idea of speding a lot of time in front of a computer. And she also thinks (about the multi-tasking) computers do not allow people to do several things at once; maybe that’s what we think, but the truth is that computers take all of our attention at the end, if you’re doing something with the computer and anything else at the same time (like talking with someone at the phone).


“The Net represents a return to the most restrictive, authoritarian model of early computing: the control of the central server”.


“Computers are actual objects doing quantifiable tasks, and a social, analytical, metaphorical understanding of them is not the same thing as their functioning existence”. There is no such thing as “machine intelligence.”: The “intelligence” of a computer is our attempt to understand and codify our own intelligence.

“When we talk about computers, we are talking about the most authoritarian object you can imagine. Somewhere in any system there is a locus of control. I cannot see how such a thing will free anybody from anything.”

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