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03 Klages, Mary – The Modern Critical Thought
22 Octubre 2008, 22:24 pm
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To know what’s postmodernism first she explains what’s modernism. The main characteristics of modernism are:

1- The revolutionary change: an emphasis on impressionism and subjectivity in writting. We change from “what” to “how” producing art.  The reader is integrated in the peace of art itself (how do we feel about i? how do we interpretate it?).

2- Modernism takes place all over the world. The conceptualization of art changed ( a modernism way of looking at the peace of art).

3- People start mixing things that before were unthinkable.

4 – Modernism sees the reality in a fragmented way, because of the untrustness, 20th century people way of thinking change: and it changes much more in an artistic enviroment.

5- People become conciousness of how to buid things. Modernism authors tell you how the book is written, how is structured, etc

* Censoship is a way to opose to modernism- that’s what happened in Spain: as politicals censorred art, there was a big black hole during modernism.

6- Spontaneity, minimalism, discovery in creation (improvisación pero con conocimiento)

7- Distinction between “high” an “low” or popular lliterature.

*High culture: previous training, learning process for reading and appreciating.

People appreciate quality when they have learnt what’s “high” and what’s “low”. High isn’t related with anything but high quality culture. We need critical tools to difference literature.

Postmodernism: folows more or less theses ideas. It’s a new way of looking at things. We have assimilated nowadays a lot of the modernism  ideas.

– Realism reflects the dirt of reality, the power.

multinational+ capitalism society = postmodernism

electricity –> nuclear electricity= modernism—>postmodernism

(ideas and notes from class)

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