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A New Art Form: Hypertext Fiction ( HOWARD S. BECKER)
20 Octubre 2008, 13:11 pm
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This all started when I read the first Narrativa’s text from Howard S. Becker. In the beginning he explains the method his students used , which was writing a journal from the process of their work; a kind of diary where they had to write all they were doing or thinking about while doing the class project.

I wanted to do something useful for both narrativa and métodos, and that text gave me the clue. That was the main inspiration for this blog.

(to be continued)

*class notes:

Creation of a new art= every peace is unique= hypertext!

Is it hypertext fiction new? or just the same as the old art form we all know?

The idea of hypertext is older than computers.

With books we have lineal reading, and they are physical. If you brake the physical lineality, the book becomes a mess.

In hypertexts each unit may be connected to many other texts (by paths). With these paths the author stablishes the order he wants you to read his text (path->made by links)

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