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02 John Ruskin(Narrativa) – (Proceso FirstPaper)
20 Octubre 2008, 12:20 pm
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And now I’m gonna switch into English as I’ve realized that there’s so much more info in english pages than in Spanish. In fact, I don’t really know why did I started this research in Spanish.

But before of searching for “John Ruskin works”, I’ve searched in google images “John Ruskin” as I want to add images to my research. I’ve found a lot, and even images from his books; and as I’m gonna work about them, I think I’ll use them in my web page left click in each image to go to the web page from where I got them(working on that))  :








Keyword for google: “john ruskin works”

– I’ve found a very interesting web page called Victorianweb with a partial list of his works and a brief introduiction to his life and works. I think I’ll use it all.

– At Gutembergs I’ve found a lot of e-books. Is not the thing that i have to work about, but i’m gonna keep the link just in case I need them in the future, as maybe i’ll be interested in working about John Ruskin in the second paper of Métodos.

Wikipedia in English have more info than in Spanish!

( I’ll see if I can add all of this info to spanish wiki )

I’ve just realized there’s a section in wiki called “External Links” which is VERY interesting.

For example:

John Ruskin – General Articles, Texts and Web Sites on Ruskin

In this site there’s a lot of links related to John Ruskin, such as this one: http://essential-facts.com/primary/ethics/John_Ruskin.html

– I enter archive.com and I find this electronic book.

And here is a list of his works.

– You can buy his books on ebay!

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